100 High Quality Permanent Rank Authority DA 50 to 55 Plus PBN Links! for $50

Harness the power of PBN’s People are always asking what they can do to boost their ranking. The simple answer is to harness the power of PBN’s using the exact strategy of a professional who’s been doing this with his client sites for years. Truth is, while a lot of trends come and go, the one thing that remains the same is this type of authority stacking works! Tiered PBN Links Are Extremely Powerful! They all are built in a way that the link juice flows from one to the next. These links are stacked in a way that looks completely realistic and is incredibly safe for any website. Take a look for awesome results below : Stage 1 - 100% Manual Link Building Create (5) articles between 500 – 1200 words. Link out to your Website using your provided anchor text/keyword. Anchor text/keyword will also included in the post URL. There will be a total of 100 HIGH DA/PA DoFollow PBN Backlinks. BEFORE YOU ORDER understand that you will only be given a screenshot of the link within the post and nothing else! Please don't buy my service if this is not acceptable to you. Also take the time and be sure that you read the entire sales page BEFORE purchasing. Don’t complain after the fact if a partial screenshot isn’t acceptable to you. This is a part of my client-based network consisting of 800++ sites. All PBNs are kept secure and as footprint free as possible. In order to keep the network as secure as possible you will NOT receive the URL your post is on. This ensures no one is trying to poach anyone else's keywords and helps to keep everyone’s sites, including mine, from prying eyes. Please note that while we are confident in our process and have gotten result after result for our clients we do not own Google. We can never be sure what will or won't work and are not responsible for any change up or down, or lack of change in your rankings. You accept that you are paying for a process and not a ranking and will leave feedback in accordance to that standard. FAQ: Are these expired or auction domains: All domains were bought at auction and have been under my control for at least the past 3 years, most over 5 years. Do we have to provide the article? No. I provide a 500+ word article. Can we include a video to embed? Yes. On the checkout page leave a URL to your video. Can We Have More Than One Link Per Post? No. One Link Per Post. If you want I am also willing to add a map and NAP to the post. Are these blogs niche specific? No, these are setup as Generic blogs that covering a wide variety of topics. How Long do they stay on the homepage? The posts are permanent and will be on the homepage for about 4 weeks and in most cases even longer and then roll off into the inner pages. What Languages Do You Accept? Any language is fine… but if it isn't in English you need to provide the article in HTML format and I will paste it in. Do you allow Adult/Gambling/Pharma/Pills/Porn/Black Hat Stuff/Payday Loans? Yes, All Niche Allow.

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