I will do backlinks analysis and disavow bad backlinks,toxic & spammy backlinks for $5

Disavow backlinks is the process of instructing Google to ignore unwanted backlinks in order to positively impact ranking in SERPs. Bad backlinks not only hurt your rankings but also cause other problems for your website as well. In the SEO world, you have to avoid bad links, spam backlinks, and toxic links at any cost. The best way is to disavow such backlinks. UNLIMITED BACKLINKS HEY! Do you think you have too many bad links pointing to your site and maybe there is a penalty? You need a google disavow file. Service includes: Depth Link Detox Audit Spam & Toxicity Score Analysis Manually Backlinks Analysis Create, Upload Disavow File Google Reconsideration Request Submission Recover google penalty 100% Manual Work Detailed Reports Work process:I will do manual Backlinks analysis using GSC, and SEMRUSH Advanced tools to take a Depth analysis of your website's link profile. I will analyze the Spam & Toxicity Score, Domain Authority, Page Authority, and backlinks health of your site. After analysis, I will remove all bad backlinks by creating disavow file & uploading it on disavow tool as well as I will send the reconsideration request to google. CHEERS! I am excited to disavow bad links,spammy backlinks,mid & high level toxic backlinks

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